Fire alarm maintenance

Your fire alarm is probably one of the most significant pieces of fire safety equipment that you will ever own. Often, it's the first sign that you will get of a fire penetrating the building, and it is therefore vital that it is properly maintained.

For domestic alarms, the easiest way to test that the alarm is still functional is to press the test button. So keeping yourself and your family safe is just a matter of pushing a button once a week.

We offer a free survey and quote for your commercial fire alarm systems, and we have the expertise to identify any problems which we can then rectify.

We can service all makes of fire alarm system, and all types, such as analogue addressable, conventional and radio systems. We can also offer red care remote monitoring using custodian monitoring services. Upon completion of the service, a certificate of maintenance is issued for your records.

If you choose to take out a service agreement with us, you will then have access to our 24 hours a day, 7 days a week emergency helpline for alarm activations. We can also take over the existing monitoring arrangements that you currently have in place.

Fire Alarm Wiring and Repairs

If you think your alarm might not be working to its full potential, don't worry! We're always happy to repair your system, testing it afterwards to ensure it is in full working order. No matter how minor the problem, our expert technicians are always on hand to fix it.

Sometimes, the repair work can be more major than replacing a fuse or bell. If this is the case, it might mean that your fire alarm needs rewiring. Here at Veriserv, our team are fully equipped to tackle any rewiring jobs, large or small. We can carry out any repairs to the wiring system, or to the devices fitted to the system to any size or make of alarm.

Please contact us to discuss any requirements you may have and to book an appointment for a free no obligation quotation.

Free Fire System Assessment

We offer free fire assessments to find out about your business, your fire requirements, and design a solution that meets your needs perfectly, fits your budget. As you as the owner or landlord of a property are responsible for the fire risk assessment we can ensure that you are compliant.

Fill in the form on the right to arrange for a no obligation fire assessment, and plan an effective solution that perfectly meets your business requirements and obligations.