Fire suppression systems

Veriserv have specialised in Fire Suppression since 1995, We have installed fixed systems into Generator enclosures all over the world and continue to work extensively within the power generation field.

Fire suppression systemsVeriserv offer a host of solutions to the post Halon era of fire suppression. Whether using CO2 in unmanned areas or inert Argon based systems we offer a solution that is complete from design inception, risk assessment, installation and critically room integrity testing.

We use our own test equipment to ensure there are no surprises and that the design & construction team are able to deliver business critical areas such as comms rooms and data suites on time every time.

Free Fire System Assessment

We offer free fire assessments to find out about your business, your fire requirements, and design a solution that meets your needs perfectly, fits your budget. As you as the owner or landlord of a property are responsible for the fire risk assessment we can ensure that you are compliant.

Fill in the form on the right to arrange for a no obligation fire assessment, and plan an effective solution that perfectly meets your business requirements and obligations.