CDM & principal contractor

The Principal Contractor will ensure the following obligations identified by the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015 and other applicable legislation are complied with:

  • To develop the Construction Phase health and safety plan into a working project document, ensuring that it contains all the necessary information
  • Make clear to all contractors and operatives on the site (through site inductions) both the Clients requirements and The Principal Contractor's site specific rules. Project Safety information will be disseminated through site inductions and weekly briefs/talks with operatives and contractors representatives
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure that all contractors [including the self-employed] co-operate as far as is necessary to enable each of them to comply with relevant statutory provisions
  • Restrict site access to allow only authorised persons in by use of site security
  • Obtain from other contractors engaged to work on the project method statements and risk assessments pertaining to their own operations particularly where they may impact on others
  • Maintain the Safety Notice Board and the display of all Statutory Notices
  • Advise the CDM Coordinator of any discoveries or proposals regarding design matters
  • Procure the appointment of competent designers or contractors as far as is reasonably practicable through the use of the supply chain management process
  • Monitor the health and safety performance of persons and companies working on the Project
    Secure all information that will be required for inclusion in the handover of CD and Health and Safety file so that the building owners / users can safely use and maintain the building
  • Maintain the provision of training and safety information to all those on site that may suffer risk to their own health, safety and welfare whilst working on the Project
  • Encourage an open door policy and blame free safety culture in the reporting of hazards and useful work practices. The statutory requirement of all operatives to look after their own safety and not engage in activities which will put others at risk /cause them harm will be underlined

The Health & Safety Executive has been advised of this project on Notification of Project Form 10.

A copy of this form has been supplied by DBK Group CDM Co-ordinator appended at Appendix 2.

1.2 CDM Standards and Objectives for the Project

It is the intention of this company that:

  • Activities shall be carried out in accordance with relevant statutory provisions to include the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015;
  • Facilities will be provided for both employer/employee and project team consultations on CDM matters, and information arising which has a health and safety/risk implication will be disseminated to those who may be so affected;
  • Management of the Project shall include the encouragement and maintenance of the co-operation between all employees and individual project parties (i.e. consultants and contractors) working on the Project;
  • Expert advice and assistance will be obtained where necessary to discharge obligations and duties identified within the CDM Regulations
  • The works shall be completed in accordance with the quality standards specified, to programme and budget as per Client instruction