24 / 7 call out

Planning for the unexpected is never high on most peoples list of priorities, but what do you do when a fault develops to your electrical installation? If you employ an electrically qualified maintenance person or caretaker you may have this covered.

But what if you don't?

Veriserv provide a 24/7 call out service, utilising our electrically qualified workforce who are based throughout the country.

How does it work?

Once you are signed up to a contract, you will benefit from trained professionals close at hand and able to remedy your electrical emergency.

Ensuring your call is answered, Veriserv have a manned 24 hour phone system. On receipt of a call the operator will contact the designated engineer who will also respond back to the client to ensure accuracy of information.

Does the call out engineer have any back up?

Each shift a minimum of two engineers will be on call out, this ensures that technical, lone working and other issues are suitably managed.

Further support is also provided by the designated contract manager who is also on standby to supervise the work.

What parts of the installation are covered and how quick can I get an engineer?

The scope, type and nature of the premises will be identified by our technical contract managers and a service level will agreed.

From a technical perspective all of the following can be covered by a 24/7 call out system;

  • Fire Alarms & fire retardant systems
  • Security systems including alarms, CCTV and door access controls
  • Emergency lighting or other essential evacuation equipment
  • Electrical sub main supplies & distribution power
  • Essential power and critical supplies
  • General power and lighting

To understand your requirements it is essential that your needs are discussed with our contract mangers.

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At Veriserv we pride ourselves in offering the range of services and solutions to take care of every step in the process to ensure that we keep people safe and business compliant.

Veriserv offer a free no obligation security assessment to help protect your business and staff.


A Veriserv Security advisor will come to your premises, discuss your needs and help you with implementing the perfect security solution based on your particular business type, requirements and budget.

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