Induction loops
DDA Induction Loops

Induction Loop Systems are used to help hearing impaired people obtain maximum involvement in communications.

The concept behind them is simple. All NHS hearing aids have a ‘T’ position which allows them to pick up the electromagnetic field generated by a telephone’s earpiece and convert it into a sound suited to an individual’s specific hearing requirements.

A loop system uses this same principle but generates a much larger field than that created by a telephone earpiece and radiates it around a room via a ‘loop’ for the benefit of any hearing impaired person(s) located within it.

An induction loop system therefore comprises four main elements:- the audio source (microphone and/or music inputs), the amplifier (specially designed for the job), the loop(usually a single turn of wire) and the receiver(s) (hearing aids in the ‘T’ position of specially made listening devices).

British Standard Code of Practice

Loop systems should be installed to the British Standard Code of Practice for Audio Frequency Induction Loop Systems BS 7594. All work is to this standard, and this will mean that your induction loop system is designed and installed to professional standards, works properly, and meets regulations. The loop itself should also conform to BS EN 60118-4:2006

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