Nurse call systems

Nurse and warden call systems are used extensively in nursing homes and sheltered accommodation to ensure help can be alerted when necessary.

Nurse call systems

All systems are designed and installed using either Hard Wired / VOIP or Wire Free solutions dependent on the environment & architecture of the building.

We understand that the need to establish the suitability of the particular technology for a given application is critical. Adept ensures the systems achieve accurate, fast and reliable on-site communications helping to save staff time. They minimise any disturbance and help with improvement of patient care and support the ever increasing demands on the front line staff and support services.

Nurse / Call Systems

Features Include:

  • Nurse call systemsCalls status and priority to show all relevant displays and indicate priority
  • Urgent raised level alarm tone
  • Multiple call levels, different day/night call routing arrangements, manual and automatic call divert and free built-in data logging, are all included in one of our most advanced call systems.
  • Built-in data logging, simple system re-programming and full monitoring of all network devices.
  • Calls can be made from a variety of devices including tail call leads, ceiling pulls and pressure pads to suit different levels of dexterity. Once triggered calls are reset at the room from which they were made via a button or magnetic reset key.
  • A confidence light on the bed head reassures patients calls are registered; for those who are prone to wander, door monitoring points and portable movement detectors can be used to provide added protection.
  • Backlit displays show the precise location of all relevant incoming calls and indicate their presence via a gentle unobtrusive alarm tone.
  • The calls are prioritised to show on all relevant displays.

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