Veriserv Sponsor the Realise Foundation Darts Competition

Veriserv Sponsor the Realise Foundation Darts Competition which was held on 8th October 2016.

The Realise Foundation held its fourth Darts Competition on Saturday 8th October, attracting a range of darts players, from pub players to a former World top 10, Andy Hamilton. The aim of the day was primarily to raise funds for the Charity, but also raise awareness of the Realise Foundation’s work and the support they offer to young people, whilst providing a great day to everyone that attended.

veriserv-sf-board The day proved to be a huge success, with over 100 people attending and over £6.5k raised. This will enable the Charity to support at least 13 young adults into apprenticeships, thus improving their future career prospects.

Ben Morris the charity co-ordinator said; As a semi final sponsor, Veriserv’s support to the Charity is invaluable, ensuring that the event was a huge success. Next years event will take place on Saturday 7th October, with further details to be confirmed closer to the date.

Aspire Housing provide support and work together with the Realise Foundation charity to provide essential support to over 650 young people each year in the Staffordshire region, to help progress them in their education and subsequently gain employment.

Gift aid from PM Training and donations from local people and business, provide Realise with the financial support required to make this happen.

Also supported are a number of progressive initiatives to improve neighbourhoods and disadvantaged communities; help people overcome barriers to skills, support people into employment, tackle health inequalities, and assist in the development of people’s confidence,independence and self-reliance.



This essential support includes the provision of work wear, tool-kits, lap tops, driving lessons, personal development training, creative artwork and environmental improvements.

The Realise Foundation work together with Aspire Housing and PM Training to blend commercial expertise with social purpose, to revitalise communities by providing homes, training, employment and support.

To find out more about;

the charity visit The Realise Foundation Website

and Aspire Housing here.

Veriserv are proud sponsors of The Realise Foundation.




Risk of electric shock through poor socket selection

Risk of electric shock through poor socket selection, in this example standard plastic electrical socket outlets have been fitted in an office floor

It seems quite obvious that if an electrical socket is to be fitted into the floor, it would need to be of a type that has been designed to withstand weight or impact, however someone has ignored this criteria, or has not considered the environment.

A standard plastic electrical socket outlet is designed to be mounted into a wall and would not be suitable to floor mount. The sockets in this photo would easily be broken by; the steel chair leg where the leg could become live through direct contact with the live electrical conductors.

floor mounted plug socket

This example was identified by a Veriserv engineer whilst carrying out an electrical fixed wiring inspection and test. The engineer would isolate the sockets and complete an “immediate report” to notify Veriserv’s customer.

floor mounted sockets2

The sockets should be of the type that are enclosed in a protection enclosure suitable for use on an office floor. This type of socket would normally have a lid to stop ingress of liquids should they get spilt.

Electrical equipment that is intended for use in the workplace must satisfy the safety requirements of  the  Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994  and  must  provide  a  safe connection to the mains electrical supply.

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) publish BS7671, IET wiring regulations seventeenth edition. Section 522.6.2 states that wiring systems shall be selected and erected so as to minimise damage arising from mechanical stress or impact during use or maintenance.

Veriserv would be happy to advise on any electrical compliance matter, or provide you with a quotation to carry out an Electrical Fixed wiring inspection and test of your premises.

Please contact us on 01543 225306 or complete our on line enquiries form.