Installation works

From small works to large projects that involve designers and other contractors, every project we carry out is compliant, to the highest standard, and will be completed on time and within budget.

Specialising in commercial and industrial works, Veriserv undertake electrical installations works across the UK.

We have a number of areas of expertise from multi-site works to complex installations working with multiple contractors.

Our specific areas of expertise are;

  • Acting as the Principle Contractor in accordance with the CDM Regulations on large install works
  • Installing control panels for large manufacturing production lines
  • Undertaking the installation of critical supplies within time sensitive businesses
  • Managing other trades on site including the control of all health and safety
  • Ensuring certification, and operational manuals are supplied to the client
  • Installation of sub-main supplies and large switchgear
  • Refurbishment works
  • Providing cashflow plans and ensuring variation orders are fulfilled

What size of works do we undertake

We regularly undertake quite small works of £5,000 or less, often responding to a clients request for small works at quite short notice.

Medium to larger works can be handled up to £500,000. Working closely with the designer, client, CDM co-ordinators and other contractors, timely on budget completions are the norm and not just a wish!

How your needs are met

Ensuring complete customer satisfaction is a prerequisite of any works undertaken by Veriserv, whether it is understanding the design brief to minimising disruption in occupied premises. You can be assured you needs are met.

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