Small works & remedial

From time to time most electrical installation require additional circuits or the need for modification to meet the demands of a new production line or process.

Almost all installations will require remedial attention of some kind due to general wear and tear.

The two main considerations that many clients will make before embarking on such work is cost and documentation.

How much will it cost?

All works are competitively priced as we are more than familiar with our quotations compared to our competitors and we understandably wish to provide our clients with best value for money.

We will price the works for the most efficient process we can offer so your premises at John O’Groats does not necessarily incur a huge charge for travel!


As an NICEIC accredited contractor all repairs, modifications and new circuits will be correctly certified.

Where remedial works have been undertaken following an inspection and test it is important that you are assured the remedial works have been fully completed.

To ensure full trace-ability each defect will be afforded a certificate, which in-turn be recorded against the original defect list. We will also supply a letter of satisfaction that you may be required to forward to your insurers.

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