24 / 7 call out

If you manage the fire protection systems within your premises, a major concern is; what happens if your building is occupied during the night (eg Hotel) and the system fails or displays faults.

Having an adequate maintenance regime and employing a reliable 24/7 call out service protects you and others from any failure and risk of inactive alarm systems in the event of a fire. As part of our fire maintenance contracts Veriserv provide a NSI GOLD 24/7 service which gives you the peace of mind that a qualified engineer is available to you at all times day & night to help keep your business and people safe.

How does it work?

Veriserv will help you assess the risks to your business and establish what cover is required to keep you safe at all times. We can then tailor a cost effective maintenance programme where you will have access to our trained professionals close at hand and able to remedy any failure night or day.

Ensuring your call is answered, Veriserv have a manned 24 hour telephone monitoring system. On receipt of a call the operator will contact the designated engineer who will also respond back to the client to ensure speedy service.

Does the call out engineer have any back up?

Generally a minimum of two engineers will be on call, thus ensuring that technical, lone working and other issues are suitably managed.

Further backup support is also provided

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