Barriers & gates

Veriserv design, install and service high performance reliable barriers and gates resulting in total access and security solutions.

Improving your security leads to reduction in theft & vandalism whilst automating access improves efficiency, releases man power & reduces time waste.

Our automatic and manual traffic barriers are designed with many specific features and benefits to suite a wide variety of site conditions. Barriers and gates provide high levels of physical & mechanical security to a wide range of applications.

Traffic barriers provide for general traffic flow control only.

Key points to consider when selecting the correct devices:

  • The Environment: Is the entrance in which the gate is expected to operate exposed to high winds?
  • General Surroundings: Is vandalism likely?
  • Ground Levels: Careful consideration particularly with sliding or swing gates
  • Traffic Flow: Consider the way in which vehicles use the entrance. Is there likely to be queuing traffic onto a high way?
  • Traffic Lights: These devices generally used when rising Bollards / rising Kerbs in higher security applications & busy restricted situations.
  • Pedestrians: The use of joint entrance for vehicles and pedestrians should be avoided where possible; you should always allow for separate pedestrian route.
  • Support Structures: Is the size and construction of the gates and mounting posts or piers suitable to take the weight & gates capable of being automated.
  • Safety: The main consideration is to remove the risk of crushing by any automated gates and/or lifting by rising bollards / kerbs.

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At Veriserv we pride ourselves in offering the range of services and solutions to take care of every step in the process to ensure that we keep people safe and business compliant.

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